Dolan Ganguly, TDN World:
To speak of the communal harmony is no big deal for us, the upper caste Indian Hindus. Today, we can easily say that let’s forget everything and stay united.

No matter how many times our political leaders ( and we) say that this verdict is not about anybody’s victory or defeat, we know and feel it by heart that this verdict made us, the Ram Bhakts, victorious.

For the winners it is very easy to move forward forgetting everything that happened in the past. And, if the case is that, the winners know that the country is run by their people and they are on the majoritarian side, then the matter becomes more easy. But, it is not that easy for the minority citizens to succumb to the defeat . And you know why, because it was a fight, on their part, to assert their religious, legal and civilian rights. Yet, the way the Muslim people have maintained peace since last day is worthy to praise. We should salute them.

Our political leaders’ opinions in regards to yesterday’s verdict evidently show how poorly cornered Indian democracy is. In a democracy where not only the ruling party, even the oppositions adulate the majority, whatever we may call it, but it can’t be a democratic atmosphere.

And for all those political intellectuals who are saying that now we should come out of all these Mandir-Masjid issue and focus on real issues like foods, clothings, schools and hospitals, they should know that with this schools and hospitals religious practices have no enimity.

Here, in this people are lynched because of their religious identitiy,because of their religious Identity people live in fear of losing their citizenship, people have to hide their religious Identity and had to adopt the name of the majoritarian religion, in order to survive people had to leave food habits and all this happens because of religion.In our personal space we can be anything, an atheist or theist, irrespective of our belief, we can’t deny that in our country religion is a crucial issue. And it is not because of its conflicts, it is important because all over the world religion and culture are enmeshed together. And for our country it is an obvious fact. In our country religion plays such crucial role in our life that here we not only worship the mythical character as god but also in legal fight he is also a contendant. Interestingly, whenever there arises questions over the religious practices of the minorities, especially of a particular community, then we, the Hindu liberals ( as well as the leftists ) keep repeating, leave religion, focus on Roti, Kapda and Makan (food, clothings, and houses). Really, our hypocrisy knows no bound!

And lastly, another important thing that I would like to say is that, if we close our eyes, the problem will not be solved. If we feign to be happy, we won’t become happy. At present Indian democracy is very sick. If we think donating 5 acres land will cure that sickness, we are living in fool’s heaven.
If we are truthful to our claim that we want to see our beloved motherland as a secular, just and democratic country, then the religious majoritarian people of this country should raise these demands that, in this country our Muslim brothers have the same rights as we have, in the history of this country Ram has the same share as Rahim has. A divisive fight created on the basis of religion cannot be seen in isolation. Otherwise, it will be a great mistake.
And, of course, the fight for food, clothing, schools, hospitals will always be there.

( Dolan Ganguly is a columnist and director of Azad Foundation.)