Khobayeb Amin flashes Mamata govt’s failure in Minority Development


Own Correspondent, TDN World, Kolkata:

Pirzada Khobayeb Amin, the founder of ARAF, targets Mamata Banerjee, to bring her drastic failure into light in the case of minority development in West Bengal .

To highlight the failure of the Government he prepared a leaflet. TDN World has got hold of it.
It notes that, the Government has failed to attach the word ” Madrasa” with the name of Aliah University.

Apart from that , 3000 teachers’ posts remained vacant in 614 Madrasa across West Bengal , which may result to the closure of madrasa education.

Khobayem Amin says to TDN World , “Shishu Shiksha Kendra (SSK) and Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra (MSK) are almost on the way to close down. After the left regime was over not a single order regarding SSK and MSK has been issued. Continuous Hunger strike and sit on protest for 91 and 40 day-long proved to be null and void in resolving the issue. ”

He also alleged that at the fag end of the left front rule in Bangla the percentage of minority representation in Government job was 2.64 percent, in police department 9 percent , whereas now, in Mamata’s regime it turns up to be 1.85 percent and in police department 8 percent.Though, before they came to power, the Mamta Government assured the minorities to offer them job facilities maintaining a reasonable proportional balance with their population.

The leaflet also states that the MSDP ( Multi-sectoral Development Programme )
project attained no development in the minority area.
Proposed Railway project for Furfura pilgrimage has not been implemented.
Waqf properties are still unsecured and no investigation team is set up to probe into the waqf corruption.
Mamata Government had vowed to sanction 10,000 new madrasa , while in reality they sanctioned only 237 madrasa and that is also left unsettled without any infrastructural set up. The Basirhat Maulanabag Darbar Sharif ( shrine) received no development.

Along with all these issues ARAF has raised their own issue also, saying that the imams are profoundly displeased with the Government for not having increment in the honorarium monthly, given from the fund of waqf board.

” With the accompaniment of all these imams we want to put up a movement through out the state demanding an increase of monthly dole,” he added .

A mass movement is likely to be held across the West Bengal to raise the issue of SSK and MSK. Minority reservation issue may also give rise to a mass movement.