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TDN World: Hate posts can cause genocide, it happened in Myanmar. Unfortunately, Indian Hindutva bigots are making same attempt. On Sunday, FIR lodged against Satish Sonar, an orthopedic surgeon for giving open call for genocide of Indian Musims.

The Islamophobic doctor has been arrested by Gittikhadan police from his residence.

Shabaz Siddique (39), a resident of Anant Nagar, Nagpur, filed police complaint against Dr Satish Sonar for his incendiary Facebook, Twitter post, that explicitly gave call for Muslim genocide.

On April 23,Dr Satish wrote from his Twitter handle, “Now since ,Radical, Islamist and anarchist journos and illegitimate Citizens are talking about so called Islamophobia and Genocide… So let’s begin it, prove them right. Wipe out the Bastards from the Map.”

The extremist doctor even made misogynistic Twitter post over Jamia student Safoora Zargar who was booked under UAPA and placed in Tihar jail for her partcicipation in anti-CAA,NRC protest.

The bigoted doctor called Safoora a “prostitute”.

After recieving complaint from Shabaz Siddique Maharashtra police acted promptly and arrested the Islamophobic doctor.

The man was booke under section 295(A), 505 (2), 294, 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

This is not the first time that such hate-filled demand to uproot Muslims has been raised. Earlier on April, ‘Star Of Mysore’ an English Daily based in Karnataka gave open call for genocide through an editorial piece “Bad apples in the basket”. If this tide of anti-Musim hatred is not curbed, the safety of minority Muslims in the country would really be at stake.