Staff Reporter, TDN World: As Kerala witnesses century’s worst flood, which claims about 400 lives and causes massive damage to the properties and livestock, draws an attention of solidarity from the international communities. Amongst them Qatar Amir and Pope Francis’ gracious role is worth mentioning.

Amongst the international body Qatar has remained at the forefront. Qatar Emir Abdullah-bi-an-nasar-Al-thani, the Minister and Minister of Interior Qatar State, confirms the financial assistance of 5 million dollars.

He wrote on Sunday in twitter, “Under HH the Amir @TamimBinHamad directives, $5 million has been allocated to the flood victims of #Kerala. We extend our sincere condolences to the victims’ families & to the Indian people, many who have contributed to Qatar’s development & wishing the injured a speedy recovery”.

HH Sheikh Mohammed, the Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE taking recognition of the devastated situation in the state of Kerala, leaves a message of fraternity and charity: “Ahead of Eid Al Adha, do not forget to extend a helping hand to our brothers in India”.

Pope Francis, the religious head of the Christian world, also made a humanitarian appeal addressing the people of Kerala as “these brothers and sisters,” to stand by them in “this great calamity”. In a prayer congregation in St. Peter’s Square he assured the people of Kerala to extend solidarity and of “concrete support from the international community”.

Justin Trudeau, the PM of Canada also conveyed his condolences to the relatives of those, deceased in the tragic flood.

While on the international level, Kerala gets assistance in a great deal, various countries and its people standing with solidarity, India’s own Chaukidar’s role is subject to scrutiny. He seems not much bothered about this disaster and loses. It seems by announcing a scanty sum of 500 crore rupees he thinks he is done with his onus over the state while the state has suffered a loss of 19,512 crore.

Rahul Gandhi, the main opposition leader says the money is “nowhere near enough”. He also urged to declare Kerala Flood as national disaster.

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Distinguished IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt from his twitter handle catapulted a harsh criticism towards Modi: “100 Crores for Kerala Flood Relief. 1000 Crores to Mukesh Bhai for a non-existent JIO University!” A twitter page that mainly serves political parody and caricature targets central government for not declaring the Kerala Flood as national disaster, the twitter aims at BJP govt that spent huge amounts of money on Cow politics but here less bothered about the human lives. The tweet reads, “Dear Central Govt, Thousands of cows have drowned in Kerala from past few days. Atleast now declare #KeralaFlood as natural disasters. Such a declaration will the state with more funds & defence equipments”.

Death toll reportedly jumped to 400 and dozens missing. Almost 800,000 people have been displaced.