Bangladesh Ruling Party fighting against Protester (Image: Reuters)

TDN World Desk: With a month left Bangladesh is set to carry out its Parliamentary election, when its chief opposition party comes up with a crucial accusation that the ruling Awami League is not abiding by the polls code.

While addressing a press conference at the party’s Nayapaltan central office in Dhaka, Rizvi Ahmed, BNP Joint Secretary General particularly points finger at the seating Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina accusing her of flouting the country’s polls code carelessly.

“Specially the prime minister is not caring of the polls code a bit,” the Daily Star quotes him as saying. Mr Rizvi also said that Sheikh Hasina violated section 14(2) of the polls code by holding a meeting with her party’s would-be nominees at Gono Bhaban on a Wednesday.

Before the upcoming election, A documentary film ‘ A Daughter’s Tale’ on Sheikh Hasina has been released in four cinema houses, which according to Rizvi, ” is a clear violation of the electoral code of conduct”. Mr. Rizvi refers to the ections section 12, 10 (5), 7 (a) where the mandates of polls code are mentioned. Stating these constitutional sections, he maintains that no one can project photographs or broadcast promotional statement of any candidate during the time and before three week of the poll date no one can go for election campaign.

He also raised question over the silent role-play of the election commission and accused him to be a loyalist of the ruling government. He also urged the election commission to take necessary measures in order to hold a fair and free election.