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Monday, March 30, 2020
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Coronavirus: Qatar announces $150 million aid to support Gaza

TDN World Desk: Qatar announced $150 million in aid to the Gaza Strip over a period of six months, to support United...

Coronavirus: Angela Merkel in self-quarantine after doctor tests positive for virus

TDN World Desk: Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel has gone into self-quarantine after she being tested positive for Coronavirus. The...

Coronavirus: Egypt shuts mosques for two weeks

TDN World Desk: After Saudi Arabia Egypt shuts down mosques to curb infection of coronavirus. Egypt has more than 100,000 mosques.

Coronavirus Crisis,UK anti-war body calls for lifting sanctions against Iran

TDN World Desk: ‘Stop the War Coalition’ in a statement referred to the unprecedented impacts of coronavirus on the world as...

US: Trump to donate $1m. to empower ‘marginalized’ Arab, Ethiopian Israelis

TDN World Desk: The Trump administration is gong to offer up to $1 million monetary aid for projects...

Amid Coronavirus crisis UN says 3 billion people lack handwashing facilities

TDN World Desk: Still no vaccine has been discovered to fight pandemic the coronavirus, the only measures people need to follow are...

UN warns of upto 25 million job losses due to Coronavirus

TDN World Desk: Amid world-wide coronavirus spread United Nations expressed worries that the COVID-19 incident could lead upto 25 million job...

Israel closes fime embassies due to coronavirus

TDN World Desk: Already coronavirus has bee transmitted to 166 countries across the globe. Israel has recorded 304 confirfed cases. To tighten...

OVID-19 Update:8,648 deaths in 166 countries, 207,855 cofirmed cases, reports WHO

C TDN World Desk: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has shook the world, as of Wednesday 207,855 confirmed cases were found...

Amid Coronavirus crisis, US imposes new sanctions on Iran

TDN World Desk: Yet again US imposes sanctions on Iran, when the country have been fighting to overcome Coronavirus crisis.

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