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Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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UAE’s NMC Health ‘scandal’ exposes RSS, BJP linked Indian Billionarie BR Shetty

TDN World Desk: Abu Dhabi based NMC Health has been placed under the UK court's supervision. The court will now appoint administrators...

Trump threatens visa sanciton on countries refusing to accept their citizens

TDN World Desk: Amid global lockdown due to coronavirus oubreak US President Donald Trump said in a threatening tone that his government...

17 Million American seek jobless aid as Coronavirus hit economy

TDN World Desk: Due to coronavirus lockdown Americans are fearing joblessness. Newly released data showed that 6.6 million american citizens filed initial...

Muslim doctor who warned Boris Johnson of PPE shortage dies of coronavirus

TDN World Desk:  A British Muslim doctor who warned UK Prime minister about the lack of personal protective equipment required for the...

Netanyahu thanks Modi for sending hydroxychloroquine to Israel

TDN World Desk: After America, India delivered hydroxychloroquine, a very useful medicine to treat COVID-19 patients, to Israel.

Modi govt. drops Saudi Arabia from-anti dumping probe after request from Reliance

TDN Wold Desk:India has dropped an anti-dumping investigation over imports of polyester feedstock monoethylene glycol (MEG) from Saudi Arabia, but will continue...

Turkey govt. to distribute free masks to each of its citizens

TDN World Desk: To curb spread of coronavirus mask is an essential equipment. Turkey government announced that it will provide free masks...

UAE sacked Indian expat for Islamophobic post on social media

TDN World Desk: An Indian expat in UAE has been sacked for making Islamophobic post on social media.

COVID-19: UN chief supports WHO after Trump threatents to withhold fund

TDN Wold Desk: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has urged support for the World health Organization (WHO) after Donald Trump threatens to withhold...

COVID-19: Global Media highlights Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) advises to fight a pandemic

TDN World Desk: While the modern world is yet to discover coronavirus vaccine and helplessly fighting to overcome the pandemic some of...

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