Kerala flood is heaviest since 1924, 194+ people died over last nine days, 1500+ relief camps, 223139+ people displaced, 2400+ villages had been damaged badly.


HH Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai announces support to Kerala through his twitter account….!!

CM of Andhra Pradesh N. Chandrababu Naidu announced an assistance of Rs. 10 crore on 18th August 2018 for Kerala relief work.

Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy directed chief secretary to send relief materials worth Rs 10 crore and a team of doctors to Kerala, a week ago.

Telangana CM KCR announced 25 crore as immediate financial assistance to flood hit kerala a day earlier.

Announcing his state’s donation of Rs 10 crore, CM Punjab Amarinder Singh said that Rs 5 crore would be transferred from the Punjab chief minister’s relief fund and the other half would be provided in the form of ready-to-eat food material and other supplies.

Delhi govt is making a contribution of Rs 10 cr. I sincerely appeal to everyone to donate generously to our brothers and sisters in Kerala,” Kejriwal tweeted.

Many students, religious organisations and NGO’s like JIH, SIO, SBF, HWF, etc appealed for relief collection and their teams in Kerala are working since weeks together. Few organisations also gave protest call at New Delhi to pressurize central government to declare it as national disaster.

Out of 21 states which are ruled by BJP backed by RSS, none declared support to Kerala relief. Does BJP leaders had hearts for humans..?


  1. Roji M John, MLA of Angamaly weeps to Asianet saying hundreds of people crying on roof top for food and water. Nobody reached in many areas. No communications. Helicopter service is must; people will die without food and water. I am helpless; anyhow send helicopters.
  2. Bishruddin Sharqi writes on facebook, International agencies; please join us in the flood rescue operation happening in Kerala. Normal rescue operation no longer successful and limited number of Helicopters we have now can only work after day break. Helicopters will need excess time to rescue a family. Only a hundreds can be rescued if they didn’t die overnight. But we have thousands caught on the roof tops for 2 to 3 days. We need help from International agencies to face the deadliest flood Kerala has ever experience.
  3. “No rescue from Army received in North Paravur and condition is so pathetic in this night. I am helpless” says VD Satheeshan MLA of North Paravur, Eranakulam to the world.
  4. If helicopters don’t reach Chengannur tonight thousands of people will be killed in water, says Saji Cheriyan, MLA of Chengannur. (Mr. Prime Minister, send copters and force to save people)
  5. Thanks to New York Times. Kerala needs immediate International Support. Unlike never seen before, 22 dams had to be opened all at once. Kerala is fighting it with unity and brotherhood. Good go.
  6. INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT: Mobilization of international emergency funding, Strengthen the response capacity of local govt., Deployment of international urban search and rescue teams with equipments, Provision of Telecommunication Resources for Disaster Management Investigation and Relief Operations, Expecting United Nations Resident Coordinator as a key actor in Emergency Relief Coordination to act, Mobilise Red Cross movement and iNGOs, appealed Suhail KK.
  7. Nahas Mala (SIO of India President) demanded central government to declare Kerala Floods as National disaster and appealed its cadres across the nation to collect the funds in universities, colleges, schools, masjids, streets and in all public places.

According to reports Rs 19,512Cr is estimated loss, but PM Mr. Modi just announced Rs. 500Cr and his visit to cancelled due to bad weather condition, meanwhile CM kerala asked centre for Rs 2000 Cr as immediate relief. Even after so many appeals Centre didn’t declared Kerala Floods as National disaster.

Is government waiting more death counts to declare as National disaster…? (Question remains unanswered)