History speaks itself. Especially, on Republic Day, Independent Day while discussion about country’s history takes place. But, do you know who gave the slogan ‘Quit India’? 

These phrases were first coined by Congress leader Yusuf Meherally. Afterwards, this slogan shook the foundation of the British rule in India. 

It is true that, on August 8, 1942 Gandhiji in Mumbai, at Gowaliya  tank park first introduced the “Quit India” movement. During this movement he also gave call for “Do or Die”. Even after Gandhiji was arrested this anti-British movements gained support in large scale. Notably, this ‘Quit India’ slogan was first coined by Yusuf Meherally, a prominent Congress leader. 

Meherally first used the phrase in a special meeting held in Mumbai where Gandhi and his close associates were present. ‘Quit India’ movement was carried out few days later the meeting. At that time Meherally was the Mayor of Mumbai. In his struggle for India’s freedom, Yusuf Meherally had to serve in jail for eight times. Along with Gandhiji, on 9th Aug.1942, Meherally was also jailed. In 1946, he was releases from jail. After India got independence, he also became an MLA. He was the founder of Congress Socialist Party. In 1950, he passed away in Mumbai. 

K. Gopal swami, in his book “Gandhi and Bombay” said, this Slogan had dominated across the country in the last few years of Indian freedom struggle. Citing reference from Shantikumar Morarjee, he said in the book, Gandhiji asked to his followers to make the best slogan possible. Initially, someone suggested the slogan ‘Get Out’, but Gandhiji did not like that. 

Rajagopalchari suggested the slogan ‘Retreat or Withdraw’. But, Gandhiji did not like this one also. Finally, Yusuf Meherally gave the slogan ‘Quit India’. Mahatma Gandhi approved the slogan. 

Madhu Dandapot, the Biographer of Meherally, published a booklet named ‘Quit India’ in 1942. Within weeks all the copies were sold out. 

Besides, to make the slogan, popular, before Congress’ August 7 meeting, batches printed with ‘Quit India’ were issued – said G.C. Parekh, one of the founding members of the Yusuf Meherally Center. Mr. Parekh also took part in the ‘Quit India’ movement. He was 17 then.