The name Hindustan also should be changed as it was given by Muslims and it was intertwined with Arabian culture. History says, Hind was grandfather of Nuh (also known as Noah), the second prophet of Islam. The word “aadim” also need to be eliminated as it is derived from the name of Adam, who was the first prophet of Islam and also the first human on earth. Our national anthem “Jan Gan Mana” also need to be renamed because in this song the name “Sindh” is mentioned which is a province in Pakistan. BJP president Amit Shah’s surname should be changed as it is a Persian word and has link to Islamic culture. Similarly, phrases like – Inquilab Zindabad, Jai Hind also required to be cut off. Words like Biriyani, Roti, Dal also should be changed.  

Arabic words like Wakil, Kalam, Kitab, Khata, Gayeb, Dakheel, Nagad, Hazir,Ezlas,Kasam, Kanun, Mauza, Mahakuma, Rai, Hazat, Duniya, Biday etc. need to be changed.Each and every name should be changed and given a single name ‘Robert Clive’. Because the BJP is the crony of the Britishers, the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) didn’t utter a single word demanding the change of any pf the thousands of places in India which still bear the hallmark of British colonial rule. To date, they usher faith in the British colonial history. To serve the British cause they are implementing the same ‘divide and rule’ tactics.

Mokter Hossain Mondal

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