TDN World Desk: On Friday, Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister of Modi government 2.0 has presented the union budget.

But almost all the the major political opponents of the NDA government 2.0, in an unequivocal manner, expressed concern over the budget allocation.

Earlier Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said the budget is repackaging of the old one. Nothing new “the budget is the same old wine in a new bottle. Nothing new, no plan for employment generation, no new initiatives”.

Regional parties like RJD, TMC also expressed their disillusionment with the 2019-20 union budget.

On Saturday, Welfare Party of India also expressed a similar view over the budget allotment.

National President of Welfare Party of India, Dr SQR Ilyas called the Union Budget 2019 as an ‘ opportunity lost’ and said BJP party had come to power with massive mandate they should have given a bold and aggressive budget which could rectify and reform the depleting country’s economy but they missed the bus.

He said, ” This budget made an unrealistic claim of achieving 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025 with no proper road map.
Describing this budget as disappointing Dr Ilyas said no relief was given to the common man but for the corporates for an annual turnover limit for 25% was raised to 400 crore from 250 crore.

Dr Ilyas said while the country needed to build an inclusive society with broader base provide jobs and improve economy.This budget offered nothing to the youth, middle class , farmers or women.

” There were no funds allocated for MNGREGA education or for the health sector. He said it was shocking that mythology was quoted in the budget which is an official government document. “

Welfare Part president Dr. illyas also drew attention over increased petrol and diesel price in the budget.

” with this inflation will rise and so will the prices of all essential commodities,” he said.

Commenting on borrowing foreign funds mentioned in the budget speech by FM ,Dr SQR expressed concern and said external borrowing will destabilise economy and increase liabilities.

He further added that there was nothing substantial for rural India and just more toilets for urban India.Huge discrepancies between what was told in the budget speech and the real truth.