Own Correspondent, TDN World, Kolkata: This mosque has turned out to be, a place of solace and recompense. Here, the Muslims are very much active to empathise, and sympathise with everyone, rising above their own identies. And, yes this is our very own Gopalpur House, adjacent to Kolkata International Airport, where announcement has been made over mosque-loudspeaker to help Debolina Chakraborty. After Friday prayer service, the mosque Imam announced, ” Our Debolina is ill. She is poor. Extend your arms to help him get medical treatment expenses.” After the Imam made this announcement, Mehtab Ali, Kashem Ali, Azharuddin and others have stood outside the front-door with a piece of cloth like canopy to collect money from the attendees in the prayer-hall, who came to offer their Friday namaz.

Besides raising money for Debolina Chakraborty, the Muslims have also prayed to Almighty for his early recovery. After the Zumma namaz has been over, Imam Sahar Ali performed। a prayer to Almighty Allah for Debolina’s health recovery. Along with the Muslims attended the prayer service, the villagers stood by Debolina. Local Muslims raised money roaming door to door in the locality. The handed over the fund to Debolina’s father.

Debolina, a student of 8th standard, suddenly collapsed on the ground following a sensation of vertigo. And she suffered a stroke. Now she is being treated in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). To help this poor student, Muslims adjoining the Gopalpur mosque area stood by her family.

Shariful Islam, an activist of Jamaat-e Islami Hind (JIH) told TDN Bangla, ” we are proud to stand by this destitute family. We have collected 53 thousands rupees for the girl by crowdfunding. In addition to that, followed by Friday namaz, Imam of the mosque also made an prayer to Allah.

Debashis Chakraborty, father of Debolina, told TDN, ” we will never forget how the Muslims in Gopalpur mosque who were present at the Friday prayer, came to helping our little girl, at the hard time. I owe to them so much so that any sort of expression of gratitude falls short. People of the Muslim community can be so much compassionate it was beyond my imagination, I am impressed.

” Imam’s dua made an impact. My daughter is getting well. Could open her eyes, smile. But, doctors said it would take time to get her back in normal state,” added he.