Own Correspondent, TDN World, Murshidabad:  This year holy month of Ramadan has made its auspicious arrival amidst searing heat of summer. However, people from the Muslim community are observing Ramadan fast, as usual, slighting the hardship it yields to. And in this occasion of  Ramadan, Amit Bhakt,  officer-in-charge of Samareshganj police station in Bengal’s Murshidabad district has emerged to be an ambassador of harmony and humanity. On Friday, he has reached out to the poor and underprivileged Muslim families in Chachand and several other villages which fall under Samareshganj police station and distributed iftar-kits among them. His motif – while standing by these  poor people with food items – was simple – to spread a message of  harmony and love. The local inhabitants are very much happy to see the police officer in such humanitarian role.

This day, Amit Bhakt, after having distributed the iftar kits, said, ”  This  area under Samareshganj police station is  a place known for its communal harmony. Here, people belonging to different  communities live together maintaining peaceful co-existence. To send a message of harmony and to stand by the poor families living here we have  distributed iftar kits.”