TDN World Desk: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi took jibe at BJP saying Hindutva and Hindu religion are not the same. Drawing a contrast with the Congress he also said that BJP and RSS have spread hatred in the country.

Rahul said his it on Friday while speaking at the launch of the party’s digital campaign for ‘Jan Jagaran Abhiyan’.

“BJP talks about Hindutva, we say there is a difference between Hindu religion and Hindutva. If there was no difference, the name would have been the same. either Hindu or Hindutva would not be needed (as a term),” Rahul said during his address with party workers through video-conferencing.

Admitting the growing impact of RSS and BJP, Rahul Gandhi further said, ” we will have to agree that there are two ideologies in the country, the ideology of Congress and the ideology of RSS. BJP and RSS have spread hatred in the country, Congress ideology is the ideology of brotherhood and love…Congress’ ideology has been overshadowed by BJP’s ideology of hatred but it has not been erased or defeated. Their propagation is more than ours. They have the loudspeaker, amplifier. They have the machinery.”