TDN World Desk: It is known to one and all that the source of power for BJP is its hindutva politics. Even BJP is accused of scheming anti-Islamic propaganda. However, it is quite interesting to hear that one of its own Chief is reading Quran.

While addressing a gathering in his constituency on the occassion of Milad-Un-Nabi, Goa Chief minister Pramod Sawant himself revealed this before the audience.

In his speech he also mentioned teachings of Islam. Sawant said, “In the Quran humans are ranked above all (species). The Quran says that just as our religion is superior than most, the other religions should also be respected.”

” I am also trying to read the Bible. Neither the Quran, or Bible or Bhagwat Gita say that other religions should be defamed,” added he.

But what made him read Quran?

Swanat said, “I was curious to read the Quran. I had asked Nadir-bhai for a Hindi translation of the holy text and I am trying to read it, but have not been able to finish reading. I have read some chapters of the Bible, I have read the Bhagwad Gita.”