Bharati Ghosh
File photo of ex-IPS officer Bharati Ghosh.

TDN World Desk: “Bring 1000 boys from UP…And you could do nothing.”
“Drag you from your homes and kill like dogs.” BJP candidate in Bengal, Bharati Ghosh spoke in just this sort of language. Naturally these words by her drew widespread criticism.

As she changes her political party, ex-IPS officer and presently a Lok Sabha candidate in Bengal by BJP ticket, Bharati Ghosh came out of shell and showed her colour. She sparked controversy speaking in such violent language. She openly threatened the TMC workers.

The entire thing happened infront of the police. Many took video of her speaking. Bharati wanted it to put in that way. Despite being a Look Sabha candidate, she spoke in a manner a highway ruffian would do. Defied presence of on-duty security-personnels, and camera-persons.
On the contrary, she raised her voice before them.

The news of her threatening speech soon reached Mamta Benarjee’s ear. At that time, she was walking in a rally in Ghatal. Taking note of Bharati’s speech, Benarjee said, ” You have many cases pending against you. We didn’t arrest you, had been generous. Don’t threaten us. Who doesn’t have the potential to contest in gram-panchayet, she is fighting in Lok Sabha election.”

If she breaks the line of political courtesy, that would not yeild a welcoming consequences, Mamta added.

After he got the knowledge of Bharati’s statement, Partha Chatterjee, TMC general secretary alleged that the ex-IPS officer is wearing her official uniform. He also said that with a detailed report he will file a complaint to the election commission in relation to the matter. Even his party will urge to invalidate her candidature. In the latest development, the election commission has issued notice to the district magistrate seeking report over the matter.