TDN World Desk: The Christian community across the country has been opposing the CAA.Adding much momentum to the anti-CAA and NRC movement, the Goa Church has appealed to the Central government to revoke the CAA and also urged the BJP govt to refrain from implementing the National Register of Citizenship (NRC).

Citing the CAA and NRC as  “divisive and discriminatory”, the Church authority has issued statement. It said, “The Archbishop and the Catholic community of Goa would like to appeal to the government to listen to the voice of millions in India, to stop quashing the right to dissent and, above all, to immediately and unconditionally revoke the CAA and desist from implementing the NRC and the NPR.”

“It goes against the spirit and heritage of our land which, since times immemorial, has been a welcoming home to all, founded on the belief that the whole world is one big family,” the church said further as quoted by the Telegraph.

It is to be noted that during the ongoing anti-CAA protests the Christian community in the country are extending their solidarity. Weeks before, as an example, Kerala Church opened its doors for the Muslim brothers to offer namaz during anti-CAA protests.