Ekramul Molla, TDN World, Kolkata:
Despite High Court order he was not given his suspension allowance. Dr Kafeel Khan said he will sue contempt case in High Court and Supreme Court against Yogi government.

On Monday, Dr Kafeel addressed the media in Kolkata Press Club where, he spoke at length, over the tragedy at BRD medical college in which over 70 children died.

In his speech, he said, ” On March 7, 2019 High Court ordered Yogi government to decide on my suspension within 90 days.”

Although the deadline – that was June 7, 2019 is over but the Yogi government still didn’t pay his due that amounts approximately 16 lakh rupees.

” I will file Court of contempt case against the Yogi government in High Court and Supreme Court within a week, ” said Kafeel.

Dr. Kafeel further alleged that attempts are being made to destroy him financially. Kafeel urged the government to terminate him or revoke suspension.

” The government has not released a single paise. When I visit the senior officials of the government, the tell me the order will come from Yogiji,” he said.

” We have a lot of lands in our home, Gorakhpur. We tried to sell at lower price. But no one wanted too buy them. They have become untouchables,” said Dr Kafeel.

Dr Kafeel made arrangements of Oxygen gas cylinders with the help of junior doctors and agencies. This brought him under the wrath of the Yogi government. He had to serve eight months in jail. The UP government held Kafeel Khan along with eight others responsible for the death of the 60 children.

Dr Kafeel, however, said he was imprisoned without any reason.

” The Yogi government could not produce any single evidence against me,” said Dr. Kafeel

Dr Kafeel showed Modi government’s RTI copies, High Court judgement copies to the media persons present this afternoon.

Kafeel also alleged that on 13 August 2017 Yogi Adityanath during his visit to BRD hospital rudely behaved with him in presence of state health minister Siddharth Nath Sing, District Magistrate and other government officials.

” I was called in presence Yogi Adityanath. He asked me – so you are Dr Kafeel ( tu Dr. Kafeel. Tu is a very deregatory Hindi word used to address people). You arranged oxygen calendars. I was like – yes sir. He grew angry – you think you became hero by arranging cylinders. I will see you.”

Dr Kafeel said that the Yogi government to hide their incapability made him scape goat.

” The Yogi government filed a case against me under IPC section
308, culpable homicide case in lower court , the case is still going on.”

However Dr Kafeel was granted bail on April by High Court after nine month of jail as no evidence was there that can establish medical negligence on part of Dr Kafeel Khan.

” Initially the judges were not reading my papers. On 18 April, I wrote a ten pages letter from jail. After that it created a social media uproar. After one week the same judges granted my nail. It was then I understood how influential social media can be, ” said Kafeel.

Kafeel also alleged that his brother was shot at his neck on June 10, 2018. The incidents happened in Gorakhpur, about 500 metre awayfrom the temple where CM Yogi Adityanath was offering prayer that day.

Asked about his future move, Dr Kafeel said, ” I am opening an NGO to render medical health services to people”.

Kafeel Khan said he will present his ” Health for All ” proposal to each of the chief ministers of the country.