TDN World Desk: When finance minister of the country, Nirmala Sitharaman, announces of developing a ‘Gandhipedia’ to “spread positive Gandhian values” among the youths, ironically at the same date a septuagenarian man is denied entry in a train for his Gandhian attire.

And what more untoward about this incident is, this happened in no other state but in a BJP ruled stated, Uttar Pradesh, with Yogi Adityanath as its chief minister.

According to National Herald ,

Baba Ram Awadh Das, 72, was denied entry into the reserved coach of Shatabdi Express by the coach attendant despite he carried a confirmed ticket to travel to Ghaziabad. And his fault? he was attired in a dhoti and had a cloth bag along with an umbrella.

The senior citizen, Ram Awadh Das, a seer who hails from Barabanki and was going from Etawah to Ghaziabad told Hindustan Times,

“I am shocked. It seems as if we are still living in the British era. Though I had the ticket, still the GRP personnel and the coach attendant denied me entry into the train as I was dressed differently. I am aghast and pained at their behaviour,”

Das said in a written complaint that he had a reserved ticket in coach C-2, seat number 72 on the 12033 Kanpur-New Delhi Shatabdi Express train on July 4. As the train arrived at the Etawah station at 07:40 hours, he tried to board it. But the security personnel standing at the gate didn’t let him enter, objected to his attire. Later, the security personnel, along with the coach attendant, jeered at his attire and asked him to de-board the train.

“I showed them my ticket but they refused to listen to me. They forced me to alight the train. The train left after the two-minute stoppage and I was left stranded at the station,” Das was quoted by National Herald as saying.

Following this misconduct, Das met the station master, Prince Raj Yadav, and narrated the incident to him. The railway officer tried to comfort Das by offering him a seat in Magadh Express which was to come next but he refused any such help, saying he had been insulted by the Railways and filed a written complaint with the Railways.

However, on Friday, when asked by media persons,
Etawah railway station superintendent Puranmal Meena said, “I can’t say much about the issue as I did not meet him. I only know what is written in the complaint book”.