TDN World Desk: Many Muslims in parts of the country are being subjected to social discrimination- facing social boycott, hatred due to the communalisation of the spread of COVID-19 virus, especially after the Tablighi Jaamat event. Concerned over the incident a group 101 formerr Civil Servants has written to Chief Ministers and Lieutenant-Governors of all states reporting the instances of harassment on the Muslims.

The letter takes note of the biased-role of the media to demonize the whole Muslim community by potraying the Tablighi Jaamat incident in communal canvas.

“The action of the Jamaat in organising such an event, ignoring the Delhi Government’s advisories was, without question, misguided and condemnable. However, the action of the media in communalizing it and extending it to the Muslim community as a whole is utterly irresponsible and reprehensible,” the letter states.

The letter also pointed out intances of Hoshiarpur milk sellers who were not allowed to sell milks, and how muslim vendors were singled out and people were asked not to buy from them. the letter notes the discriminatory news paper advertisement by the Meerut cancer hospital that asked corona negative certificate from the Muslim incoming patients. As responsible citizens of the country, the 101 ex-Civil servants write to state CMs on Harassment of Muslims.

The letter also narrates how the environment of communal harmony is disturbed by fake social media contents with an aim to otherize the Muslim community.

“The fear and insecurity generated by the pandemic is sought to be channelled into the “othering” of the Muslim community in different places to keep them out of public spaces, purportedly to protect the rest of the population!”

Recently Muslim gulf counries has reacted sternly to the discrimination meted out to the Indian muslims.

“We should remember that traditionally India has maintained good relations with Muslim nations and has been seen as their friend. Millions of our fellow citizens live and work in these countries. There has been serious concern expressed in these countries about the recent developments. We should ensure, through our non-discriminatory action and relief measures, that the minorities have nothing to fear in India. This will help assuage the misgivings of these countries and avoid any consequential detriment to the prospects of the sizeable Indian diaspora there,” reads the letter.

The Civil Sevants group has called on the state chief ministers to take safety measures ensuring that any community is not discriminated because of their faith.

“We request you to instruct all public functionaries to be particularly vigilant to prevent social boycott of any community in the State and to ensure that all the entitlements including medical and hospital care, rations and financial assistance are available equally to all those in need.”

Among the signatories are former NSA Shivshankar Menon, former Secretary Keshav Desiraju, former Chief Election Commissioner S.Y. Quraishi, former Chief Economic Adviser Nitin Desai, former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Nareshwar Dayal, former Foreign Secretary and National Security Advisory Board Chairman Shyam Saran and former OSD on Kashmir in Prime Minister’s Office A.S. Dulat.

Former former Director General of Police Julio Ribeiro, former Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah, former Health Secretaries K. Sujatha Rao and Keshav Desiraju and former Chief Secretary (J&K) Hindal Tyabji have also endorsed the letter.