Staff Reporter, TDN World, Kolkata: Human rights organisations have claimed that in last two decades eight hundred Muslim youths were falsely implicated in terror cases . On Monday Persecuted Prisoners Solidarity Committee held a press conference . They said that in India marginalised sections of the society like dalits, adivasi and Muslims are the majority of the peoples who were imprisoned falsely in terror related cases.

The press statement issued by PPSC states that – Mohammed Majid Shafi , a small businessman resident Rajabazar ,kolkatakata , was arrested by the Maharashtra ATS in 2006 and charged with involvement in the 7/11 ( 11th july 2006) Mumbai blasts. 209 people were killed in the horrifying 7/11 blasts which ripped through the suburban system of Mumbai. However, besides these 209 people and their families who were victims of these blasts, there were 13 innocent people who were also victim of this incident as they were arrested from different parts of the country and falsely implicated in the case . One of these people was from West Bengal, Muhammad Majid. Majid was a young businessman and family man from a lower middle class family, trying to earn a honest living for his family through his small shoe business. He has never visited Mumbai, never been particularly of any organisation and never had any criminal record. However, just as thousands of Muslim youth have been falsely charged in scores of terror cases, he was similarly accused and arrested by the Maharashtra ATS. After being arrested from Rajabazar , he was not even produced in any court in West Bengal. His business partner and neighbor was forced under threats to give evidence against him. The judgement in the case was delivered in September 2015 in which 5 people were given death sentence and 7 people were given life imprisonment. Majid is one of the persons who has been given life imprisonment. He is in jail in Maharashtra, and of justice is not done to him, he is doomed to the rest of his life in jail. Together with Majid his family is the victim of the injustice and vengeance of the state. His 80 years old mother is on the verge of death. His wife is suffering from a serious disease over the last 3 years which has resulted in failure of both of her Kidneys. Because of financial scarcity, arrangements for her proper treatment cannot be done. When Majid was arrested his daughter was 38 days old. She has grown up over the last 11 years in the absence of her father and hearing that his father is a terrorist.

This organisation also states, ”
What has happened with Majid is no exception but the reality in lives of the hundreds of Muslim youth in the country over the past two decades. Over the last 20 years more than 800 Muslim youth have been falsely implicated in terror cases and jailed. Among them many have been acquitted after spending 10-15 years in jail. In many cases the judges have directly accused the police of framing these people in false cases. A number if case have been lodged in Gujarat and Maharashtra against police officials and politicians for killing innocent Muslims in false encounters by showing them as terrorist. This includes Mr. Amit Shah, the current president of the ruling BJP, charges against whom were dropped after the presiding judge of CBI court , Justice Loya, mysteriously died in Nagpur. The law which are usually
used against the Muslim youth include UAPA or Maharashtra Control of Crime Act (MCOCA) which are draconian laws which do not have any place in democratic system. People charged with UAPA are kept in jail without bail for years, although getting bail is the constitutional right of any accused. Under MCOCA confession given to the police is allowed as evidence in court which is against the judicial system of India or any other civilised country. It has been seen that a large majority of people who are imprisoned under these laws are usually Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis who are from the poorest strata of our society. Or the people who are imprisoned under these laws are those who express their dissent or protest against various policies or actions of the state and are accused as Maoists such as Chatradhar Mahato or Raja Sarkhel or Prof. Saibaba. Therefore, even if evidence is not there, even if charges are based on confessions extracted by the police, but in the name of security of the state, in the name of ” collective conscience of society”,based on media trials, such people can be sentenced to life imprisonment or even to death.

” we on the behal of the Persecuted Prisoners Solidarity Committee, demand that justice to be done to Mohammed Majid. The West Bengal Government cannot shirk its responsibility in ensuring that one of its innocent citizens is not suffering in jail for his life in a distant state. We request the West Bengal Government, especially the Chief Minister, Smt. Mamta Banerjee, to take the necessary steps to ensure that Mohammed Majid and his family are not victimized. We call upon the Chief Minister to arrange for the transfer of Majid from the jail in Maharashtra to a jail in West Bengal, so that his severely ill wife and daughter are at least able to meet him in jail. We also call upon the West Bengal Government to ensure that he receives parole to visit his ailing wife and mother and arrange for their medical treatment. The West Bengal Government has a responsibility towards it citizens, especially citizens from the marginalised sections of society such as adivasis, dalits and Muslims, to ensure that they are bot subjected to state repression . We call upon the West Bengal Government to ensure that no one from West Bengal is arrested under these draconian laws and all the political prisoners, who are kept imprisoned in the state under the draconian laws such as UAPA are released,” said Partha Sarathi Roy , the convenor of PPSC.

” These demands will be placed in front of the honourable Chief Minister by a delegation of community leaders and eminent members of civil society and democratic rights organisations. We sincerely hope that the West Bengal Government will take yhe necessary steps to ensure justice to Mohammed Majid and his family and to all such victims who have been falsely implicated in these cases. We also call upon all people to stand beside the family of Mohammed Majid and provide them help and support in this critical situation”, Mr. Roy further said to tdn bangla.

” We got married in 2005. We had been very happy for one year. Then we had a daughter. One day police came and arrested him. They didn’t say anything about the reason behind his arrest. Years after years we have to take lots of pain to meet him in distant Maharashtra Jail. My husband is innocent. He has never been there before. He was imprisoned under false charges. I request to bring him to a jail of Kolkata. So that he can meet us. My both kidneys have been damaged and have eye-problems. At that time no one came to help me. Everyone suspected us to be terrorists and I was told as a wife of a terrorist “, said Farzana at the end of the press conference. She is the wife of Mohammed Majid, who was also there at the press conference and while sharing her painful stories with tdn bangla her eyes filled with tears.

” Many Muslims are also imprisoned in West Bengal jail. 60-70 people are also kept imprisoned under the false terror charges. We will request the Government to clarify it. Sedition charges are registered against its citizens randomly. We are very much concerned about it. Toady, the total judiciary system is at stake,” said Mr. Ranjit Sur, the state vice president of the human rights organisation APDR.

This day here was also present Abdul Wahid from Mumbai. He was also falsely charged with terror cases and after spending 9 years in jail was acquitted and released. After he was released from jail, he wrote a book.In the evening, this book was published here in kolkata, in the Muslim Institute Hall . The author claims that this book includes the account of how after Mumbai incident Muslims were harassed and falsely charged of terror cases and imprisoned.

” we demand that those who are the real culprit in this case , should be punished and justice to be done to the Majids. ,” said Abdul Wahid