TDN World Desk: The Association For Democratic Reforms (ADR), an non-partisan, non-governmental organization which works in the area of electoral and political reforms, filed a petition in the Supreme Court on 15 November 2019, demanding “a court order directing the Election Commission of India (EC) to conduct actual and accurate reconciliation of (votes) data before the declaration of the final result of any election”. In response to the plea the Supreme Court issued notice to the Election Commission of India (ECI).

In its petition filed along with Common Cause, ADR cites serious data discipancies between the voter turn out and the number of votes counted in the parliamentary constituencies. ADR had employed a team of researchers who analysed the data provided by the Election Commission in its website and ‘My Voters Turnout App’ and allegedly found huge discripancies, in 347 electoral constituencies.

Following the findings the petitioner has filed plea in the apex court demanding an investigation into all such discrepancies brought forth in the data related to the 2019 Lok Sabha Election results.

“The infirmities in the existing system of conducting elections, by declaring the election results even before the authenticated election data is released by the Election Commission, is far more serious and an alarming trend and therefore, cannot be disregarded. That such a protocol is likely to create suspicion, confusion, conflict, and a very discredited electoral process…that declaration of the results by the Respondent No. 1 (EC) prior to receiving the actual data from all Returning Officers and its reconciliation in a systematic and transparent manner is unconstitutional, illegal, arbitrary and unjust,” ADR said in its petition, as quoted by The Qunt.