Own Correspondent, TDN World: Lok Sabha election is around the corner. And significantly, in such a time Firhad Hakim, mayor of Kolkata and minister of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs attended the wedding ceremony of the son of former Imam of Tipu Sultan mosque Maulana Barkati. 

On the other hand, on the day of wedding, chief minister Mamata Banarjee sent letter saying prayer to Allah and good wishes for the couples. 

For the last few months Trinamool party kept distance with Barkati . One of the Trinamool Congress ministers even orchestrated a public gathering against Barkati.Earlier Barkati was seen in various public occasions to share same space with CM Mamata Benarjee.But now he has been alienated by the party and not invited anymore.Mainly, after controversy arose over his imam post and for his refusal to remove Lal-batti (red-beacon) from vehicle  the party kept distance from him. 

Besides, Barkati, while opposing BJP and RSS, made some statements over Dilip Ghosh and Narendra Modi that ended up in  controvery. But there was a time when Maulana Noor Rahman Barkati had worked hard, led campaigns for years to bring the party on the ruling position in the state. Allegations were made that despite his remarkable devotion to the party he was sidelined. Infuriated by the treatment of some of the party leaders he told TDN outlet that whatever he had done, it was all for the party’s sake. But the kind of treatments he received from several of Trinamool leaders made him angry. 

However, the wind now seems to turn its course as long time after again he was seen with any influential Trinamool leader sharing same frame. 

On Friday, the wedding party of Barkati’s son was held near Biral Planetarium, Kolkata where minister Firhad Hakim did make his presence. Chief Minister Mamata Banarjee sent her wishes and prayer by letter. TDN outlet got hold of the letter where CM Mamata wrote to Barkati, “I am happy to have received wedding invitation of Zeeshan and Ashifa. In this auspicious day I convey my hearty congratulations to the couple. May Allah bless them with happiness and prosperity in their marriage life”. 

Barkati is also happy to receive the letter from Chief Minister.This day he was seen in jovial mood while interacting with Firhad Hakim. However, on diplomatic level it gives rise to speculation; will Maulana  Barkati lead another election campaign for Trinamool Congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls?