TDN World Desk: Section 144 clamed during anti-CAA protests by Bhim Army Chie Chandra Shekhar Azad. Instances of Internet shut down also occured in Delhi as protests intensified.Following these development, Delhi police took another major decision of imposing National Security Act.

Reportedly, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi on last Friday passed an order conferring the Commissioner of Police with the power to detain under the draconian National Security Act (NSA) for a period of three months.

Accordin to this NSA act any person deemed as a National security threat by the Delhi police could be detained for maximum 12 months period. And in doing so police need not to send prior notification to the alleged suspected person. Though, that detained individual can appeal to a High court advisory board but he is not allowed to have a lawyer for self-defence during the trial.

Considering the timing of enforcing draconian NSA act in Delhi, people are in fear that this order might be passed aiming at the anti-CAA and NRC protesters, to suppress their voices. However, the Delhi Police claimed it is a routine order that has been issued in every quarter and has nothing to do with the current situation.