TDN World Desk: When the country is busy fighting coronavirus and observing lockdown to contain the pandemic, the Delhi police allegedly carrying out heinous design to target the social activists, especially those who were involved in the peaceful protests against CAA-NRC.

Taking cognisance of the matter a group of Civil society, that include Mulslim leaders, journalist, former MP, appealed to Home Minister Amit Shah to desist Delhi Police from harassing those voice of dissents and also refrain from arresting and detaining them.

On Thursday 25 prominent members of the Civil Society wrote a letter to Home Minister on this issue.

According to the letter, Delhi Plice is using the opportunity ol lock down when the access to “legal remedies limited” to target those who had taken part in the peaceful anti-CAA-NRC protest.

“Upon preliminary study, it appears that the police crackdown is directed against those involved in the peaceful anti-CAA-NRC movement, which was undertaken for the protection of our Constitution, democraticethos and civil liberties. We have observed that highly respected social activists are being implicated in false cases related to the North East Delhi riots of 2020.”

“These activists are being asked to come to the police stations for interrogation duringthe lockdown. At this time, when the courts are partially working and communication is limited due to the lockdown, these steps are tantamount to unnecessary harassment by the Delhi Police and causing immense anxiety and difficulty to these law-abiding citizens who are currently engaged in social work and helping the poor and needy,” the letter stated further.

They also appealed to Home Minister to stop such tageted aarrest and “to direct the Delhi Police to refrain from harassing activists during the pandemic and the lockdown and targeting people from a particular community.”

“We hope they desist from action that would harm its reputation and give scope for people to level accusations of bias and nonprofessional conduct when the whole world is struggling to come to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic,” the letter added.

The Civil society also expressed concern that during this period of lock down as the courts and judicial system is not fully functional these detainees would not be able to defend their constitutional rights.

“If such excesses by the police continue and ordinary citizens and social activists become the target of vindictive action, then it would be difficult for
them to protect their fundamental rights with limited access to legal remedies during lockdown period,” the later states in the conclusion.

The prominent figures of the Civil Society inculde Mr Ravi Nair , President , SAHRDC,Maulana Tauqeer Raza. President , Milli Ittehad Parishad, Mr Udit Raj (ex-MP) Mr Syed Sadatullah Hussaini, Ameer Jamaat e Islami Hind, Mr Prashant Tandon, Sr Journalist & Analyst, Dr Zafarul Islam Khan , Chairman, Delhi Minority Commission, Mr SQR Ilyas , President WPI,Mr Ambrish Roy, Sr RTE Activist,Mr Labid Shafi President, Student Islamic Organization of India,Mr Mashkur Usmani, Student leader AMU and many others.