TDN World Desk: Like any other time of natural or man-made calamity, this time amid the lock down SIO is making noble venture to reach out the needy people and the migrant workers who are unable to return to their respective homes.

Issuing a press note Student Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) has assured the students, migrant workers who are stuck in various parts of the country due to the 21-day lock down to assist in most possible ways.

Labeed Shafi (President, SIO of India) said that the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic has shaken daily-wagers as they are dependent on daily income for their survival.

Quoting a Prophetic saying, “Best of you are those who benefit people the most”, Labeed said, as responsible citizens and practising Muslims, SIO is among the first to reach the doors of the deserving with consignments of relief items, with all the precautionary measures.

To encourage its cadres, the organisation also issued guilines on Friday.

SIO along with NGOs like Human Welfare Foundation are running relief works across the country, reaching out to the needy, distressed people with essential food kits that include wheat, pulse, rice etc.

The cadres, and volunteers of the organisation are acting with alacrity wearing masks, safety gears, reaching out to people on bikes.
The relief support is being provided to all section of the society irrespective of their religious identity.

Earlier this week, the organisation also appealed to the students who are away from home,stranded in other parts of the country or state,and in need of assistance to contact them so that the organisation can make some arrangement till they reach home safely.

Since SIO is a value based organisation which believes in the philosophy of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), it deems its human obligation to stand by the needy, underprivileged people irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and color.Whenever there emerges any hostile situation,be it natural calamilty (flod, earthquake etc.) or man-made calamity such as violence, persecution on fellow human-beings, SIO reaches out those victims and put efforts to help them.