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TDN World Desk: In a time when Islamophobia is on rise and living with Muslim identity is equally becoming challenging in the country, thirty five members belonging to six Muslim families renounced their Muslim identity and converted to Hinduism.

The report of conversions occured at Danoda Kalan village, in Jind District of Haryana where BJP is the ruling power.

According to Times of India report, there is no exact information, as to how they did convert.

One villager, who did not want to disclose his identity, said:”Muslims are getting threats and social boycotts.”

Village sarpanch Purshotam Sharma said there was no external pressure on them for conversion.

“Muslim community members came to meet me a few days ago and said they wished to adopt Hinduism. We didn’t oppose them. These families told me some Muslims, such as Tablighi Jaamat men had created bad image of their religion. they also said their ancestors were Hindus at the time of Moghul emperor Aurangzeb but had embraced Islam.Now they wanted to return to their original religion.”

Contradicting village sarpanch’s statement, one Muslim villager who wanted to be unnamed, told TOI,” The village’s environment has changed these days. People have forgotten the pandemic and are only targeting Muslims for spreading the deadly virus, which has caused panic among the community. Ecen tin this vilage, we are getting information that the situation becoming scary with the passage of time. Our community, which is dependent on seeking alms, is facing a hard time as Hindus doubt us due to the Tablighi incident.The Muslim community is as patriotic as others in India but panic is being created deliberately in the country which should be opposed by every responsible citizen.”

Responding over the convrsion AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi said,”Muslims in Jind have been seeing continuous attacks, social boycotts and threats. People who depend on alms have to choose conversion in order to not starve.”

“Is this not fraudulent conversion? Is fraudulent conversion only bad when a person leaves Hinduism?,” he added.

Since corona outbreak Muslims in the country are fcing discrimination at various levels. On April 5, a muslim family in Hariyana’s jind district was attacked by their Hindu neighbours for not switching off their lights as apealed by PM Modi. A wielding shop of a Muslim was set on fire on 9 April in Chie Minister Manohar Lal Khattar’s adopted village in Hariyana.