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New Delhi – Welfare Party of India (WPI) shunned the attempt by BJP government to make 10,000 new D Voters in Assam.

On Tuesday, Welfare Party released a press note in respect of the directives issued by the Assam NRC coordinator Hitesh Dev Sarma ordering deletion of an additional 10,0000 from the NRC list.

Criticising the move SQR Ilyas, the National President of WPI, said that the BJP government of Assam state attempts to garner electoral benifits out of its decision to include 10,000 more names as D Voters in NRC list.

National President of Welfare Party of India Dr SQR Ilyas also expressed concern and anxiety for adding 10,000 more names as D Voters to the final list of NRC which was prepared under the supervision of Supreme Court.

Recently Assam’s state NRC coordinator Hitesh Dev Sarma has instructed various deputy commissioners to prepare a list of ‘D-voters’ with exclusion of 10000 more names to the final list of NRC as ‘ineligible persons’ .

Terming the move as “ulterior motive of taking electoral benefits”, WPI President alleged that the order by the NRC state coordinator (SCNRC) was passed “under the guidance of the political masters”.

He said it is undertaken to target Muslim Citizens and make them D Voters while those belonging to other religions can get citizenship through CAA and said this discrimination is once again contentious, discriminatory and anti constitutional.

“The cumbersome exercise undertaken last year involving huge sum of resources under the supervision of Supreme Court to obtain the final list of NRC is undermined with the new omission or exclusion for polarisation and for cheap political gain,” Ilyas said further.

On 31st August last year the final NRC list was released which excluded over 19 lakh people. At that time, Human rights watchdog Amnesty International expressed concern questioning the credibility of the Foreigners Tribunals citing its alleged “discriminatory” and “biased” orders.