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Amid immense hue and cry and two-hour long heated debates he Karntaka Legislative Council passed the draconian Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill, 2020.

The bill was passed on Monday in the Well of the house by voice vote. The oppostion parties Congress and Janta Dal (S) fiercely opposed the bill. Some MLC members tore up copies of the bill in protest.

Last year, in December 2020 BJP tried to pass the bill in the MLC but the attempt was foiled with no support from Janata Dal(S) only to force the government to ptlromulgate an ordinance.

This time on Monday the bill was agin tabled and successively passed despite objections from oppostion parties. The oppostions appealed to sent the bill to a Select Committee to address their concerns as it deemed the bill to be ‘anti-farmer’.

Congress MLC CM Ibrahim said Karnataka govt., “We are not like Maharashtra or UP. Do not bring communal colour to this bill. Give us time, I will invite all mosque heads. Let’s discuss. Refer this bill to the Joint Select Committee.”

Hitting out the Karntaka BJP government Congress MLC BK Hariprasad said, “You seems to be giving jobs to unemployed VHP and Bajrang Dal.”