TDN World: Describing his arrest as “sheer injustice” actress Swara Bhasker demanded release of Dr Kafeel Khan. Putting out a tweet on Tuesday she wrote,”Exactly why is Dr Kafeel Khan being held? For being a Muslim? or for being adissenter? In both cases…this is sheer injustice.”

Dr Kafeel Khan was booked for his alleged provoking speech during an anti-CAA-NRC protest at the AMU campus on 12 December, 2019. The UP government slapped anti-terror law aginst Khan on February 13,2020 despite he was granted bail by the court.

civil society, student leaders, various political and non-political organizations and even thousands of common people showed solidarity demanding release of Dr Kafeel Khan.

yogendra yadav, Swaraj India leader, on Wednesday questioned the legal basis of Dr Khan’s incarceration.

” I was next to Dr Kafeel when he delivered his speech at AMU. Show me one line in his speech that is against our country, our constitution or any community. So why is he in prison?,” tweeted Yadav.