TDN World Desk: All desks have been cleared for setting up of 200 Additional Foreigners Tribunals (FTs) in all 33 districts across Assam. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has also approved the State government’s suggestions that the currently existing 100 FTs transfer some of the pending 1.50 lakh cases to the upcoming additional FTs, reported sabrangindia.

This information was shared by Ministry of Home Affairs in reply to a query regarding the number of existing foreigner tribunals and the number of additional foreigner tribunals posed in the Rajya Sabha by Vandana Chavan from the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

The 200 additional FTs that have been proposed will deal with the appeals of those people whose names were left out of the final NRC list which was published on August 31, 2019. After the date of receiving their respective‘Rejection Orders’ from the NRC authorities the people whose name do not appear in the NRC final list only have 120 days to appeal in the Foreigners’ Tribunals.To date, seven months after the final list was published on August 31, 2019, those excluded have not yet been served the “reasons for rejections” by the NRC authorities. In such a scenario people are in panic of data tampering, manipulation etc. In last month the report of NRC data ‘missing’ from online had created great anxiety among people, especially, whose names left out of the final NRC. Though, later MHA and WIPRO clarified the reason for not appearing the data online.

By the end of March the location allocated to these 200 additional FTs will be issued.In this regard, The Assam government’s Home and Political Department has issued notification.The department has also instructed the Deputy Commissioners to ensure that the buildings for these additional FTs are ready before the proposed deadline.