Staff Reporter, TDN World: Since 2014, after Modi government came into power with his digital campaign, another parallel hate campaign is also on rise in India, which is based on social media.

Behind the attack on JNU student leader, Umar Khalid, this ‘digital’ hate campaign and threat has many things to do.

Recent attack on Umar Khalid, on Monday afternoon at the constitution club where a scheduled discussion was set on the exacerbating issue of mob-lynching and the treatment of the minority as the others. But here he was attacked by an armed man, who was well-set to kill him. Though, thank God, it didn’t happen.

Is this attack an isolated event?

On the day of attack on Umar Khalid, Shehla Rashid got threat from a mafia don Ravi Poojary via phone message. In the message, the mafia don threatened her, along with Umar Khalid, and dalit leader Jignesh Mevani.

The message sent to Shehla Rashid was a direct life-threat for the trio; it reads, “Just Shut Your Mouth or we will Shut Your Mouth Forever. Tell Umar Khalid and Jignesh Mevani also”.

As a reaction to the message, social activist Shehla put up it on her twitter handle, “Meanwhile, got this death threat from right-wing Hindutvawadi fundamentalist Ravi Poojary. He warns Umar Khalid, Jignesh Mevani and me to shut up!” She also wrote, “Threat by SMS”, and using hash tag she mentioned the word “Digital India”, which is a clear dig at PM Modi and his failure to bridle the digital hate campaign, while is bent upon his Digital India mission.

Who are the targets of social media hate-campaign?

Umar Khalid, Shehla Rashid are not the mere victim of this digital hatred. In India, any opposition, who shows a voice of dissent, s/he becomes target. Be it media person, author, leader, or social activist no one is spared.

Three months back, prominent Journalist and author of Gujarat Files had also received death threat and massive online hate-campaign. The situation deteriorated to such a level that UN Human Rights experts had to release a press statement urging the Indian government to protect her.