TDN World Desk: Bhaichung Bhutia, the former captain of Indian soccer team, has voiced strong opposition to the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. According to him, this bill is “very dangerous” in the long term and “not in the interest of the people of Sikkim,” his home state.

On Wednesday the Union Cabinet has cleared the bill and today it will be tabled at Lok Sabha. Citizenship Amendment Bill is drafted to allow citizenship to the non-muslims – Hindu, Shikh, Jain, Parsee who had come to India from the neighbouring Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan. The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill excludes only the Muslims which the opposition parties such as Congress, RJD, and DMK opposed fiercely citing its communal nature.

Speaking about his view on NRC, the former football star told India Today,”In Sikkim we have Article 371(F), we have our constitution, we also have the Sikkim Subject Act. So I think people who are genuinely left out should be given proper identification and their dues.”