TDN World Desk: On his way to return after a public meeting at Mansurchak, Kanhaiya Kumar along with his supporter were allegedly attacked at Dahia,Bhagwanpur block in Bihar by Bajrang Dal activists that resulted in two injuries and vandalism of several cars.

The incident occurred at Monday night in Bhagwanpur police station area as Kanhaiya Kumar had gone to meet his friend living on the upper-storey of building and close by Durga Puja celebration was going on. As his convoy blocked part of the street narrowing the passage to move on, it creates the ground for that brawl which ended up in life-threatening clashes.

As per report by Bihar police, two persons sustained injuries and vehicles,parked on the road side, were vandalised as supporters of Kanhaiya Kumar and local police engaged in fighting with each other.

However according to a report by National Herald, Kumar’s supporters claimed that it was Bajrang Dal activists who led the attack. SHO Deepak Kumar said, the incident took place on Monday, October 17, where Kumar took a brief halt while he was on his way home to Beehat village after addressing a public gathering.

Former phd scholar at JNU and student leader Umar Khalid tweeted at Tuesday night in solidarity with Kanhaiya Kumar putting blame at Bajrang Dal, an affiliate of RSS, the mother organisation of BJP, for carrying out an attack on him. “Sanghis don’t understand that their attack don’t scare us. They only make our convictions stronger!”, he said in the tweet.

It is to be noted, just two months back, Umar Khalid, who is closely associated with comrade Kanhaiya Kumar, was also attacked by a man with an attempt to shoot at him. And surprisingly it happened adjacent to Parliamentary area, a couple of days before Independence Day celebration, at the heart of Delhi.