TDN World Desk: NPR is scheduled to begin on April 1, before that Alliance Against CAA NRC NPR appeals to all Indian Citizens to boycott NPR.

43 eminent personalities that include various organisational representatives, community leaders, former finance minister, and others have appealed to the follow Indian citizens to boycott NPR.

Alliances, coordinations of various organization who are opposed to NPR, NRC and CAA said,”We believe that these are divisive, discriminatory, against the letter and spirit of the Indian Constitution and antithetical to the ethos of our freedom struggle and civilisational values.”

The alliance also raised concern over the fusing of NPR and Census.”Further we have aiso opposed clubbing of NPR with the decennial Census as it puts at risk the sacrosanct, confidential and vital data gathering under the Census. Various state governments have also passed resolutions in their assemblies or issued orders opposing the implementation of NPR in its present form,” read the statement issued by the alliance members.

On 12 March home Minister Amit Shah assured the country that no one will be marked as doubt citizens in the NPR excercise. Respondin to this statement made by Home Minister Shah the alliance said, “We welcome the spirit of the Hon’ble Home Minister’s statement and now seek legalisation and formalisation of the same by way of the Union Government amending The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003. Such an amendment may remove any reference to NPR in the above mentioned Rules of 2003. Alternatively, the Government may delete Rule 3 (5), 4(3), 4(4) which allow NPR to be used for identifying citizens as doubtful and their deletion from the NRIC.

“The Government may also suitably amend Rule 7(2) and 17 to ensure that providing information in NPR is voluntary and that no one would be penalised for failure to provide information. We believe that these amendments would give effect to the Hon’ble Home Minister’s statement on the floor of the house and set at rest the widespread apprehensions about NPR.As soon as the Union Government carries out the above mentioned amendments, we would be prepared to withdraw the call for boycotting NPR.”

The members of appelants include Mn. Ravi Nair (Convenor Alliance Against CAA-NRC-NPR) Mr. Yashıwant Sinha (former finance Minister of India), Yogendra yadav (Swaraj Abhiyan) MI. Maulana Mahmood Madani (Secretary General, jamiat Ulema-e-Hind), Harsh Mandar (Aman Biradari), Syed Sadatullah Hussaini (President Jamat-e-Islami Hind), DR Zafarul Islam Khan (Chairman Delhi Minority Commission), Prashant Tandon (Journalist TOI), Prof. Apoorvanand, Kolse Patil (Rte. Judge Bombay High Court), Raghavan Shrinivasan (lokraj Sangathan), Nadeem Khan (United Against Hate) and others.