TDN World Desk: On Saturday Rajasthan Chief Minister led a blistering attack against the ruling BJP. Ashok Gehlot addressing the 135th anniversary of the foundation of the Congress party said that those who performed the role of ‘informers’ now questioning the legacy of the Congress party.

While eulogizing Congress’s decades old legacy, Gehlot said, “Former Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi achieved martyrdom. That is a legacy. People having ideology of your (Modi’s” party were informers during freedom struggle. They used to work as informers of British. Those people are today talking about Congress heritage. It is a matter of shame.”

Gehlot, the former National Secretary of Congress further said, Today, a kind of fascist people have come in power wearing the mask of democracy. They have no faith in the Constitution. This is not a minor threat, it is a big danger in front of us.”