She goes on, “Burqa should be banned everywhere in the world.After its ban women will be able to move as human beings.They will be free from the running jail under Burqa and also from the unnamed, unidentified ghostly life. What should a good news be more preferable for the women more than this!The women who say that they like it or it’s their human rights to wear burqa, it’s just because of their  brainwashing.”

But the intellectuals don’t agree to pay attention to her recent comments. According to them, she always talks about social and familiar  matters in the name of woman independence. She never respects the religious and fundamental rights as enshrined in the constitution. It’s not  the business of the intellectuals to comment upon one’s remarks who doesn’t show minimum respect for family, father, mother or relatives.
(Source: TDN Bangla)

By a staff Reporter, TDN World, Dilhi: Expelled Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin once again against one’s self-indepence.Always  limelighted in the media for her controversial remarks Taslima writes on Facebook sheltered in India, “Sri Lanka has banned Burqa for its citizens’ security. suicide Bombers are walking to and fro around us. it’s the time to end the concept that innocent women are around us with Burqa.”