Mokter Hossain Mondal, TDN World, Jangipur: By not letting people to exercise their voting rights, the ruling Trinamool Congress started hooliganism in Bengal, alleged Umar Khalid, the Student youth leader of JNU. While campaigning for Dr SQR Ilyas, the Jangipur candidate of Welfare Party, he slammed the ruling TMC party. Earlier, in 2016 Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and Anirban were accused of raising “anti-India” slogan. They were imprisoned also. However, court has granted them bail. 

Here from the rally in Jangipur he said, “Mamta Banerjee says that Narendra Modi is destroying the Democratic values of India. But why in Bengal people are not allowed to cast their votes?  Why the last panchayat election was held at the gun point, with the help of fire arms? Why the oppositions were forced to not contest in election? In the name of development people’s voting rights are being taken away. Actually, while Narendra Modi in the center is destroying the democratic fabric of India, it is Mamta Banerjee in Bengal repeating the same”. On this day he gave a call to build resistance against the political hooliganism. 

Umar Khalid, student leader from Delhi also said, “what Congress MP Abhijit Mukherjee has done for Jangipu? What he has done for the biri labourer? Why people here still suffer from acute poverty? Why adequate health facilities are not available? People are not slaves. Pranab babu’s son won from this constituency. What he did for the people? Is its monarchic rule that King’s son will be king? The RSS and Congress joined hands to see him win from the Jangipur seat. If, once again, this time Abhijit wins, it will be a defeat for the people of Jangipur”. 

Welfare Party contestant Ilyas said, “For so many years CPIM was at the ruling position. Congress had their MPs for seven times, CPI(M) had their MPs also for seven times. But why Murshidabad district stands so much deprived in comparison to the rest of the country? During Congres, CPI(M) regime, instead development, they would indulge in armed violence. Political Murder became a common phenomenon at that time. Now, under the TMC government people are barred from exercising their constitutional right to vote. Hooliganism at rife”. 

“Why adequate number of trains are not available here? Where are the firefighting measures? For how long people will go outside the state; in Kerala, Mumbai, Bengalore, Kolkata as a day-labourer? Why this deprivation, is it because people here are mostly belonging to the underprivileged SC, ST, minority communities?”, he added further.