TDN World Desk: As a counter campaign BJP has come to the fray to stage mass rally in support of Citizenship Act. Speaking at a rally in Nagpur on Sunday Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that the Citizenship law is not anti-Muslim. It is the Congress that spreading misinformation.

Addressing a public gathering, organized by BJP and RSS in support of controversial CAA, Gadkari said, ” CAA is not against Indian Muslim, it is only to grant citizenship to persecuted religious minorities of three neighbouring nations. I appeal to our Muslim brothers, see through this misinformation campaign of Congress, they only see you as a voting machine.”

To back government’s stand on Citizenship Act, the former BJP chief said taking reference to BR Ambedkar that the Muslims have more than 100 countries if they wish to leave the country. But there is no other palce for Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Parsis.