TDN World Desk: Activist and teacher Robin Verma came up with shocking allegation against the UP police. According to Verma, when he was in police custody in connection with an anti-CAA protest, the UP police told him ” You are a Hindu, why are you friends with Muslims.”

Verma was arrested on Dec. 20, 2019. And he was released on Tuesday from Lucknow jail. After walked out from Jail, Verma spoke of his ordeal to The Hindu.

Speaking to the english daily Verma alleged that he was subjected to physical torture and humiliation and even threatened to degrade his wife and infant daughter.

Moreover police grabbed his phone, checked it through and insulted him for having Muslim friends in contact and whatsapp. Police kept his driving still in their custody.

“A [Muslim] student of mine had wished me on my birthday. They saw the message and asked me why do you know him. Why do you have Muslim names on your phone list? Why are you friends with them? Why do you go with them,” Mr. Verma told The Hindu.

The police didn’t stop there. They even hurled derogatory remarks about his wife and little daughter.

“We will make your wife a prostitute, we will place her somewhere” the police allegedly told Mr. Verma in vernacular Hindi.

“They would do the same with my two-year-old daughter. They said they would ruin me and my family.”

The police had detained Robin Verma and Omar Rashid, a journalist of the Hindu on December 20. When Uttar Pradesh police came to pick them up both were sitting at a restaurant. Omar was released hours after his detention report reached the Chief Minister. Though, Verma got released much later, on Tuesday, after a bail order from Lucknow district jail.