TDN World Desk:  Subramanian Swamy, the BJP Rajya Sabha MP captured the limelight by making a casteist remark while talking over his party’s “Chowkidar” campaign. 

On sunday, in an interview to a Tamil news channel, Swamy was asked why he did not add “chowkidar” before his name on Twitter. “I am a Brahmin. I cannot become a chowkidar. I will teach them. And as per that, I will work for the chowkidar,” returned the veteran BJP leader. The clip of the interview is being circulated widely on social media. 

Over the months Rahul Gandhi has been attacking PM Narendra Modi to suggest his alleged role in Rafael deal and other in-links with corruption by using the epithets ” Chowkidar chor hain” (our watchman is a thief). And, to turn the tide against this narrative put forward by the Congress supremo, PM Narendra Modi made counter campaign strategy. On March 17 Prime Minister Narendra Modi added the prefix “Chowkidar” before his name in Twitter. Afterwards, following Modi’s example, heavy weight BJP leaders like Amit Shah, Shushma Swaraj, Smriti Irani, Rajnath Singh did the same with their twitter name. 

But Subramanian maintained that he will not become chowkidar instead he will give directions to chowkidars. The casteist mentality shared by this BJP leader is not an isolated one. Under the present BJP government, it is the Dalits and lower-castes who are being mostly oppressed.