Image: TDN Bangla

TDN World Desk: In a press conference held on Thursday over the removal of CBI chief Alok Varma Congress supremo Rahul Gandhi points finger at Modi. He says as CBI chief was about to initiate an investigation into Modi’s role in Rafael deal, he was removed.

“The CBI director was going to begin an investigation in the role of the PM in the Rafale deal and that’s why he was removed. Understand the PM’s mental state. He told the country he is the ‘chowkidar’. Then he signed the Rafale deal. He realises the day the CBI begins an inquiry, he will have to step down as the prime minister,” Rahul Gandhi said, in reply to a question, India Today quotes him as saying.

He called for a nation-wide campaign outside CBI offices on Friday. As per the schedule, today Trinamool Congress, Aam Aadmi Party, CPI(M) and other parties marched in the protest led by Rahul Gandhi at Central Bureau of Investigations headquarters in Delhi to protest the midnight removal of CBI director Alok Verma.