TDN World Desk:  Voicing concerns over the NRC exercise, the United States Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) said on Tuesday that close to two million (1.9 million) long-time residents of Assam may soon be deemed stateless and alleged they are being stripped of their citizenship “without a fair, transparent, and well-regulated” process.

“Close to two million long-time residents of Assam may soon be deemed stateless. They are being stripped of their citizenship without a fair, transparent, and well-regulated NRC process,” said USCIRF commissioner Anurima Bhargava, who testified before a congressional commission on the issue last week.

“Worse yet is that Indian political officials have repeatedly conveyed their intent to direct and use the NRC process to isolate and push out Muslims in Assam. And now, across India, political leaders are seeking to expand the NRC and implement different citizenship standards for Muslims altogether,” Bhargava said.

” The updated NRC list and subsequent actions of the Indian government are essentially creating a religious test for citizenship to target Assam’s vulnerable Muslim community. We urge the Indian government to protect the rights of all of its religious minorities as enshrined in the Indian constitution,” USCIRF chair Tony Perkins said.

The India chapter of the report expressed concern that the NRC is an intentional effort to discriminate and/or has the effect of discriminating against Muslims.