TDN World Desk: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday said that “Ghoonghat Hatao” (say no to veil) campaign should be launched across the country and also questioned the logic behind the use of burqa (veil worn by Muslim women), reported ANI.

Speaking at a programme at his residence organised to mark the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, Mr gehlot said, “Ghoonghat Hatao campaign must be launched. Women of the country must step forward. The time has come to put an end to this practice.”

Identifying the traditional practice of doing ‘parda’ or wearing ‘burqa with backwardness, the 12th Chief Minister of Rajasthan, said “Women have to cover their faces under the pressure of men in this patriarchal society.”

“Be it ghoonghat or burqa, in a new age where the country has reached moon and is going to mars, it does not make sense,” he added.

Gehlot added, “This is a scientific era. Imagine what a woman who is under the veil goes through within the veiled world, and in and out of her family.”

“Society does not have the right to confine a woman to ghoonghat. When a woman is called Durga, she should also be allowed to contribute to the creation of the country. Now the times have changed, women have to move forward courageously. The government will always stand by you,” Gehlot wrote in a Hindi tweet.

Meanwhile, Tathagata Roy extended support to the ‘Ghoonghat Hatao’ campaign. On Thursday through his twitter handle called on to ban burqah.

‘Burqa Hatao’ should be pursued with equal vigour. Kemal Ataturk in Turkey did it in one day in 1923. The Islamist Erdogan is trying his best to undo it,not succeeded so far! Why shouldn’t India set an example and release so many Muslim women from captivity inside a moving tent,” he wrote.