TDN World Desk: News such as children in Primre Minister Narendra Modi’s Varanasi constituency eating ‘grass’ to save lives has already suggested the kind of food-crisis some section of the society may face. Videos of migrant workers crying due to dearth of food and eatables are also doing rounds in the social media. situation could be more harsh and any-time riot maky break out, former Chief Statician Pranab sen warned the country adding much to the concern.

In an interview to Karan Thapar for The Wire, Sen said that if the coronavirus pandemic breaks out in remote villages situation will slip out of hand, and containment will be impossible. ‘

while replying to a question on the vulnerability of the coronavirus and what could be the impact of coronavirus, the prominent statician sen told the wire, “The problem is that if food is not made available (to migrant workers) and this, we have experienced in this country earlier, we had food riots during the times of famine…we could have food riots again if food is not made available. Let’s be clear about this.”

“If the supply system comes unstuck, if the requirements of people who have no income are not met, then food riots are a very real possibility,” Sen added further.