Image: Nakhoda Masjid, Chitpur, Kolkata

Own Correspondent, TDN World, Kolkata: To get recovery from the grasp of pandemic Coronavirus Muslims in India held prayer in mosques after Friday namaz.

Muslims during Friday congregation at a mosque.

On the other side, despite Prime Minister announcement of observing a nationwide Jan -Curfew , women protesters across the country, be it Delhi or Park Circus Shaheen Bagh, said that they would continue protests.

During Friday congregation in mosques, discussion held on Corona issue. Nakhoda mosque committee made announcement to make Wudhu or ablutions ( a ritual cleaning of organs), to avoid shaking hands after prayer is over, and bring jainamaz – a peace of clean cloth that is spread to offer namaz, In case any person shakes hand, he was advised to wash hands, face very well.

As a prevention measure mosque authorities have issued such advisories.Like any other mosque in the state, people turn up five times a day to offer prayer. But, during Friday prayer at noon the gather manifolds.

On Thursday, Naser Ibrahim, the trust member of Nakhoda mosque, said, “Close to 30, 000 people participate in friday prayer. To fight coronavirus we have an appeal to the people, follow our advisories.”

West Bengal waqf board chairman and other community representatives have welcomed the move.

Apart from Nakhoda mosque, almost every mosque in Kolkata and across the state have announced precautionary advisories and made prayer to Almighty to save the country from the pandemic disease.

Taha Siddique of Furfura darbar sharif, said,” Don’t be panicked on Coronavirus. Rather, be cautious. Follow doctors’ advises. The affected person need to be more cautious so that the virus don’t get infected among others. They must quarantine themselves. If symptoms are found, see a nearby hospital or doctor. One need to keep in mind that still no vaccine is found to cure to fight the virus. So the only way to prevent its spread is to create mass awareness.

Protesters of 272 dharna manch across the country, however said that they will continue protests and precautionary measures have been taken to fight coronavirus. But, no point to halt dharna. Considering Prime Minister’s Jan-Curfew, some are thinking to respond in symbolic manner. But, in no way the dharna sites will be evacuated.

“CAA, and NRC are more dangerous than the Coronavirus. So, we urge the Prime Minister to accept our demand,” said one of the protesters.

Asmat Zamil, the woman who engineered the Park Circus dharna manch, is a cancer patient. For medical treatment she has to go to Mumbai.

” I am battling for life. Yet, I will not withdraw protesting. Even if I die, the protest will continue. Till this black law is revoked protest will continue. No point to call off dharna,” she added.

Not Park Circus alone, leaders from other dharna manch are of the same view. But, large gathering may lead up to coronavirus! The protesters said that they are keeping distance between them, wearing masks. But it won’t deter them protesting. Protest will be going on.