TDN World Desk: The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) on Monday, expressed its concern over reports of Muslims in India being hold responsible for the spread of novel coronavirus.

Taking to Twitter, “USCIRF condemns the continued scapegoating and attacks of Muslims in #India due to false rumors over the spread of #coronavirus, often accompanied by dangerous rhetoric by politicians. This stigmatization can breed further discrimination and violence.”

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom also expressed concern over the discrimination of minorities in countries like Pakistan,Combodia and called on the governments to protect the rights of the religious minorities.

“In many countries, governments have failed to protect vulnerable religious communities. In particular, Muslims in India and Cambodia as well as Shi’a Muslims in Pakistan have faced increased stigmatization in recent weeks because some of the earliest patients to test positive for COVID-19 in those countries came from these communities”, said the report by the independent, bipartisan federal government entity.

Hate campaign against Tablighi Jaamat – a Muslim religious organisation – was peddled in India and the vilification went to such an extent that several persons beaten on suspicion of being Tablighi. A man in Delhi was lynched.