Courtesy: India Spend

TDN World Desk: Cow vigilantism has been increasing in India since Modi government voted to power in 2014. Apart from mob lynching Cow protection ideologues endengering livelihoods. This report shared by Indian Spend is worth concerning. According to the 2019 Livestock Census published by the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & dairying, cattle ownership sa a percentage of total livestock ownership in India has declined from 37% in 2007 to 35% in 2019. On the contorary, the ownership of buffaloes, sheep and goats has incresed.

The recent census strongly point towards the overall decline in cattle ownership due to stricter slaughter laws, especially the complete ban on the inter-state transportation of animals, and vigilantism, which has made it completely impossible for them to sell their cattle when they need to.
This was the observation by Veterinary scientist and bovine economy expert Sagari R Ramdas who is also a member of the Food Sovereignty Alliance, India, a platform for adivasi, dalit, pastoralist, landless, small and marginal farmers.

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