Zafarul Islam Khan, Chairman of Delhi Minorities Comission

TDN World Desk:Chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC) Zafarul Islam Khan issued notice to Delhi police seeking detiled report over the alleged haphazard and illegal arrests of youth in the age group of 20-30 in the violence hit Delhi area.

DMC issued the notice on 18th March to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, northeast district.

“We are getting reports of haphazard arrests of youth in the age group of 20-30 years. They are arrested in your area in dozens every single day without any charges or warrants. We are also getting information that arrested youth are being pressurized to own up or to implicate others in crimes they apparently did not commit. We are also getting information that in some cases such arrested youth are forced to pay huge bribes and if they do, they are let off,” the letter reads.

We take all this as serious violation of the human and civil rights of the people arrested. You are hereby directed to issue clear instructions to all SHOs under your jurisdiction to desist from such illegal practices. If these do not stop and we get documented cases, we will take legal steps to punish those responsible,” warned the commission.

In addition to the DCP, the Commission has written another letter to the District Magistrate of northeast district.

In that letter, the Commission has sought the complete SDM area wise list of compensation forms filed by victims of violence in the last week of February. These lists should clearly indicate cases with the paid amounts where part of full compensation has been paid.

The DMC asked the concerned District Magistrate to submit the said information latest by March 23.