TDN World Desk: More than 50 individuals,including Annie Raja (National Secretary, NFIW), Aparna Sen (actress), Gauhar Raza (retired scientist, filmmaker, poet), Jean Dreze (economist), Jignesh Mevani (youth leader), Nandita Das (actor), Ramachandra Guha (historian) has condemned Delhi police report for the inclusion of Harsh Mander’s name in the Final Report (Under Section 173 Cr. P.C.) in connection to the Delhi pogrom in February.

Harsh Mandar, formerly a civil servant who had resigned from his job in the wake of the Gujarat riots in 2002, has been active in the protest against NRC-NPR and CAA.

The signatories include prominent personalities from the fields of cinema, education, journalism, arts and commerce.Sohail Hashmi (historian), Yogendra Yadav (youth activist) and late actor Sushant Singh who died of suicide on June 15 was also one of the most imminent personalities to have signed the note.

The open letter argues the Delhi Police’s move of charging Mander of fuming protests through this speech.Opposing the Delhi Police’s claim, the letter said tht it was him (Harsh Mander)who had filed a petition before the Supreme Court in the wake of Delhi pogrom to register FIR against political leaders whose inflammatory speeches had triggered the violence resulting in over 50 deaths.

The open letter written in solidarity with Mander by these individuals alleged, as reported by TwoCircles.Net that “rather than giving a serious consideration to his petition the Solicitor General of India gave a twist to the episode by distorting his speech” and “selectively picking up parts of his Jamia Milia Islamia speech,” to argue that Mander’s words incited violence.

To refute Delhi Police’s claim the leter quotes Mander’s original speech where he had said, “You must understand that it is their plan to instigate you towards violence so that when we commit 2% violence, they respond with 100%.” The letter also notes that Mander had given the example of Gandhian principles in these words, “We have learnt from Gandhi ji how to respond to violence and injustice. We will fight with non-violence. Anyone who instigates you toward violence or hatred, they are not your friends.”

The solidarity statement has said that the speech for which he has been charged is one that must “surely go down in history as the elaboration of Gandhian principles in contemporary times.” In conclusion, the signatories have demanded that “the motivated, compromised investigation and vilification of a person with a commitment to a just society must be stopped immediately.”